I feel fine. Why do I need to see a doctor?

You can have serious health problems without having symptoms which will lead to correcting the problem more difficult later.  We all know the longer you have a problem the longer it takes to correct.

We have  healthcare model that is mainly set up to react to symptoms and not to prevent problems. When was the last time you heard your medical doctor say come in 6 months so we can check up on your progress of staying healthy.  We typically seek help when the arterial plaque has built up and blood pressure rises to levels that causes symptoms.  I call this the slow slide to dis health.

Every morning you get out of bed a little bit slower and stiffer. You hardly notice the incremental change. Matter of fact your body gets use to the change and you think that is normal health.  Then one day you bend over to tie your shoe laces and your back goes out(my story).  First thought in your head is how could this possibly be the cause.  It’s not; it’s all the other things that have been building up that haven’t been addressed.

What’s the key to prevent or minimize back related injuries.  Three things, aligning your spine with an adjustment, toning your spinal/core muscles via exercise and watching your posture.  If you do all these you will set yourself up for better spinal health.  Tune it up!


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