Why do winning car race teams rebuild their cars after they have just won their race?  Even though its a winner it has been de tuned while in the process of winning the race.  In order for it to be a winner next time,  it needs to be tuned up.  “You know where this is going!”  We should keep ourselves tuned up on a regular basis so we can win the race of health.

Why don’t we work at tuning ourselves is often the question and we ask while we are suffering in pain.  We typically react to the situations and the motivation to do that is usually PAIN.  My challenge is for us to stay tuned up so we can handle the stress of life, not break down and need to have a complete overhaul.

What areas should we be looking at to stay tuned up?

1)  Body..exercise, food management, posture, adjustments

2) Mind..find ways to vent off the stresses of life, exercise, garden, punching bag, couch time…..

3) Spirit..personal journey

If we keep these areas of our lives tuned I can guarantee  more productive and healthier lifestyle.


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