The mind set to approaching health falls in line with the Tortoise and the Hare.

We all know the tortoise won the race and the hare burnt out. Taking care of your health will involve you maintaining a steady “pace” through life. Being consistent with your health will have a better effect and get the results you are looking for, like the Tortoise. If you want better health you will have to stop making quick decisions only when in pain, the Hare, and start working on your health every day, the Tortoise.

Chasing your pain can often lead to temporary relief, exhaustion and getting burned out, like the Hare. Pain is symptom and not the root or cause of your issue.  To find out the problem and proper course of treatment, to really fix the problem takes time and a focused mind set on the goal, like the Tortoise.

One of the first steps is to partner with a healthcare provider who has your health needs #1.  They need to purposed on treating you as an individual and not lump you in a diagnosis box and treat the box.  Their primary goal is addressing the problem and secondary the symptoms.  We strive at our clinic. to treat the person and not the box.


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