Scenario #1, you get hit on the side of the head and Baam, you are out for the count.  You are in bed, curled up and not wanting to associate with any human being on the planet because you feel like death warmed over. You are sick!   The body recognizes the situation and goes into mega healing mode to get you back in the game.  Scenario #2, you are unknowingly sliding down the Slide and have no clue that your health status is slowly degrading.  The Slide is happening so subtle that your body doesn’t get alarmed and really just gets use to the level you are at and settles in.  Then you slide some more and your body gets use to that and the subtle cycle keeps going on until the day when your body can no longer accommodate for the Slide.  Several things can happen but one of the things I get to see in the office regarding the Slide is a patient’s energy levels.  Many times to I get to here from patients,”doc, I have more energy now then I did before this problem”.  Here is the deception, the patient always had the energy it was just being diverted for other uses, as in this case pain and stiffness in the spine.

What are some of the key factors that can lead us on the Slide to a poor health status.  Spinal miss alignments, when things get out of place the body has to work harder at keeping things stable.  Poor food choices, if we are not giving our body the right fuel how can we perform at our best, we can’t.   Dehydration, if the cells in our body don’t have the correct amount of water they struggle to keep up cell function.  Lack of exercise, if you don’t move your joints they can not stay healthy and this leads to joint problems.  Poor posture, you’ve heard this from me before that poor posture leads to bad spine stress which can lead to injuries.  There are others but these are some of the key factors that lead us down the Slide.  Lets get off the Slide and promote a better health status so we can enjoy life.


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