The pain of choice!

This is not a new year’s resolution hype talk. Because I believe one does not need a date to decide to make a change to help themselves, just the choice
to make the change. Do you want to deal with the pain of discipline or the pain of regret? I wanted to share this question with you because it is
relevant in many aspects of our spiritual, mental and physical lives.  Both are going to be painful but the outcomes are very different. One will lead
to accomplishment and joy and the other to suffering and regret. If I live in the now and immediate gratification I'll be content for a moment and then
on to the next choice. If I live with the mindset of, how is this choice going to affect my future? It might often cause me to choose to hold
off stuffing my face with the whole box of Bosa donuts because health wise, not so good. As much as I like to avoid pain certain situations will
always have pain, maybe not immediately but eventually. So do you live only in the now or do you think about the future of your wellness. If you
need motivation, look at our society at large and the outcome of their immediate choices and the results. 

Happy New choices!

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