I over heard somebody say the other day, “I thought about going to the chiropractor but I heard that if you go you have to keep on going, its a temporary fix”.  You can imagine I wanted to set the records straight but it wasn’t the correct setting so I bit my tongue, that’s a first for me!  What he said made sense only in the fact he had only a part of the story.  I tell patients, “I  can put things in alignment but if you don’t make the glue to keep in place it will go back to the way it was”.  We need to make a New Normal, how do we accomplish that with the spine?  Its a package deal and we must deal with it on multiple fronts.  You have to engage in your health choices and do your part to create the new normal .   So how do we make the new normal?  We train it by putting it back in place with adjustments and keeping it there with glue; stretching, exercise and proper posture.  It typically didn’t get out of alignment over night and its going to take time to get it back so its functioning normally.  Once the new normal is established I get out of the picture and you are in charge of keeping it in alignment.


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