We are all familiar with the saying, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.  It’s by far the most leading reason for patients coming into our office.  I hear it every day “I bent over to pick up my socks and my back blew out and I can’t move” or some version of that scenario.   How can that really be the cause?  It’s not,  it’s the last straw.  Many other events(straws)  have been happening over time without any awareness of the accumulative effects.  Until one day,  you bend over one more time and you back says enough is enough and we are going into lock down/pain mode to make you aware of the damage you have been doing for the past several weeks or months.

This type of injury is the most difficult because for the most part you where totally unaware of what you may have been doing to injure your back because it didn’t cause you any immediate pain and we all know if there is no pain, there is no problem.  Think again Jedi warrior, the absence of pain does not mean the absence of problems.  That is why we have to be such good stewards of our posture, sitting, standing and laying.  We get so caught up in what we are doing, we don’t realize how we are doing it.  Every time we slip up with our posture we are adding another straw and then one day, the back breaks, pain!

The take away is, posture, posture, posture! We have to be aware of what we are doing, so we can make the correct postural choices.  Just take a minute and  observe others and see how they sit slouched, stand hunched over , lifting with their back and not their legs……I see straws starting to accumulate.


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