If you have been a patient of mine for any time at all you should have heard me talking about the importance of posture.  Correct posture is the basis for keeping the physical stress on your body evenly distributed.

While under treatment, if a patient is able to work on obtaining better posture they will decrease their healing time.  How so, they are putting less stress in the system and there allowing the body to focus more on the business at hand, healing.

Here are some key benefits for having good posture:

• Relieve Pain- Proper posture helps the bones, muscles and ligaments in the spine to move smoothly and pain-free when training, doing sports, or just performing daily activities.

If you create imbalances due to poor posture your body will have to compensate, causing strain, lower back and neck pain, headaches and worn out, fatigued muscles.

• Protect Your Joints- Correct posture puts less stress on your joints, and less stress on your joints which means less of the wear and tear that can lead to pain and reduced range of motion.

• Breathe Better- Slouching will compress the lungs and diaphragm making difficult for them to expanding properly.  This will make breathing more difficult for most people.  When standing up straight you give your lungs and diaphragm room to expand, making breathing easier.

• Relax Your Muscles- Bad posture forces your muscles to work harder to hold you in that awkward position, which leaves you feel fatigued. Sitting or standing up straight actually relaxes the muscles and leaves you feeling energized.

• Engage Your Abdominals- Standing or sitting up straight automatically forces you to use your abs, so you’re basically killing two birds with one stone: good posture and sexy abs.

• See a More Confident You- Correct posture will make you look and seem like you’re on top of the world rather than under it, like when you’re slouching.

Free computerized postural analysis, all you have to do is ask the next time you are in for an appointment.

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