Calcium and bone health is a main concern for people because of osteoporosis and weak bones. The main reasons why we face this issue is due to poor sources of calcium and physical inactivity.

Not all calcium is created equally.  Three things you need to think about when dealing with calcium:

(1) Is it bio available? Bio availability = can the body use it? Organic (natural) sources of calcium are more bio available (usable) then inorganic sources. Organic sources of calcium would be like dairy products and leafy green vegetables and inorganic source would be like oyster shells. Yum.

(2) Elemental calcium. Elemental calcium is a fancy way of saying pure calcium.  If you are taking a calcium supplement that says 1000mg of calcium, you are not getting 1000mg of elemental (pure) calcium.  If the source of calcium is from calcium carbonate, you are getting 40% element calcium (400mg). If it’s from calcium citrate, you are getting 20% elemental calcium (200mg).  So calcium carbonate is better than citrate?  Well, not so easy.  Calcium citrate absorbs in your body better than carbonate.  So what’s the answer?  Both.  According to Dr. Tracy Wooten, it’s a combination of calcium carbonate and citrate that works the best.  The recommended amounts of elemental calcium is 1200mg/day.

(3) Calcium transport.  Calcium has to be a team player for it to work.  In order for calcium to be transported into the bone matrix, it needs vitamin D3 and magnesium.  You can have the best calcium in your system but if you don’t have the vehicle to take it into your bones, it’s wasted.  It’s much like a car — no gas in the tank, you can’t get to your destination.  If calcium doesn’t partner up with vitamin D3 and magnesium, it can’t get into the bone structure.

Side note: Weight-bearing activities are a must for the bones to get strong and use the calcium.

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