One of the main design features of your joints is to allow for movement.  In order for your joints to stay healthy they need to move in a dynamic way.  Movement is what causes an environment (imbibition) for the joint to take in nutrients and get rid of waste.  If you don’t move or can’t move correctly, this process can’t take place and your joint will begin the process of wear and tear, degeneration.

Other factors affecting joint health can be loss of muscle mass.  Loss of muscle mass can be attributed to inactivity, age and injuries. If this happens all the pounding is transferred to the joint and not shared with the muscles.  More pounding on the joint will result in more wear and tear on the joint leading to degeneration.

Another factor is weight.  The more a joint has to carry the more damage it experiences in the long run. Especially, true for your knees, which have to support your body weight.

How to improve joint health:

1)      Move! It allows for good stuff in and bad stuff out.

2)      Make sure our joints are in alignment, get adjust.  This will allow you to have less pain and  the proper movement in your activities.

3)      Eat beneficial foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can help not only reduce symptoms associated with joint pain but also change the levels of inflammation that may be causing some of the pain. Research shows vitamin D may help protect your joints, too, via an anti-inflammatory effect. Make sure you get 400 to 800 International Units of vitamin D daily; one cup of milk contains 100 IUs, and three ounces of salmon has 300-650.

4)      Icing your joints after exercise can help you manage pain and prevent swelling. 15 to 20 min. every 2 hours if need be.


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