One of the best ways to keep your back pain-free or stress-free is your posture and the art of proper lifting.

Here are the steps required for proper lifting:

1.      Know your Environment– Where you’re going with the object?  Is the object you are about to lift heavy or light? Are there any obstacles in your path of travel? If the object is to heavy or bulky, get a lifting buddy, more hands the better!

2.      Close Counts–The closer you keep an object to your body the less exertion you need to make to lift it and the closer the more balance you have with the object.

3.   Wider is Better– If you stand with legs wide it provides a firm and more balanced foundation.
4.   Bend your knees– If you bend your knees it will allow you better mechanic to keep your back straight.
5.   Use your abs– If you tighten you stomach muscles they will act like a back brace and help transfer some of the load from your back.
6.   Let the legs do the work – Your legs muscles are much bigger then your back muscle so use them to lift not your back.
7.   Break time- Even those mega huge weight lifter guys takes breaks between their lifts and so should you. Your muscles get tired, and when they do, are at greater risk for injury.

Master the art of proper lifting and you will be doing your back a huge favor


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