When I heard a patient use that phrase to explain the knots in her shoulder area it stuck with me.  You have to have a lot of knots in your muscles for them to feel like boulders.  Muscles react to the environment that we put them under and we often put a lot of strain on them.  The strain usually comes from poor posture, heavy loads and repetitive activities which leads to lactic acid build up.    When lactic acid builds in the muscles knots are formed leading to pain, decreased motion and stiffness.  One of the most effective ways to eliminate these knots is to use massage therapy.  The therapeutic technique that the therapist applies will help get the lactic acid out of your muscles and return them to their normal happy state.  Now if you go back to your old posture, lifting or habits, then the lactic acid will come back and the muscle will knot up again.  Getting a massage is very important in getting the knots out, but understanding why the knot formed in the first place is critical.  If we can figure out why it formed then we can take actions to prevent it from forming in the first place, preventative health care.

Some of the other benefits of massage include: relief from joint and muscle pain, increased blood circulation, stress and depression reduction, detoxify the body and remove waste and toxins, faster healing of strained muscles, relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye-strain, improves posture and rehabilitation post operative/or after an injury.

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