We have heard this comment before but let see what the latest research says and this is found in the Mar, 2018 article published by the Journal of Medical Association(JAMA) entitled “Effect of UMC Plus Chiropractic Care vs UMC Alone on Pain…A Comprarative Effectiveness Clinical Trial”.  One of the authors stated “this patient centered multi-site, pragmatic clinical trial provided the strongest evidence to-date that chiropractic care is safe, effective and can be integrated into multidisciplinary health-care settings”

I’ve included some highlights of the study and for the complete article just click below.

“Overall at weeks 6 and 12, participants receiving UMC(usual medical care) with chiropractic care, compared with UMC alone, reported significantly lower mean worst LBP intensity with the past 24 hours…and symptom bothersomeness”

“Participants receiving UMC with chriopractic care had significantly better global perceived improvement at 6 weeks at all sites:

“Participants allocated to receive UMC with chiropractic care self=reported significantly less pain medication use than those receiving UMC alone at week 6”

In summary let the body of research dictate the modality of care one chooses for treatment and not out dated dogma.


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